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Doctors Worldwide

Our smart and revolutionary technology can be used worldwide. Our team of Doctor are accessible in seconds whether you are at home, at work or on holiday.


Phone Consultations

Get instant reassurance and advice from our team of doctors whenever or wherever you need us, within 60 seconds. Our app ensures access to our expert UK trained GPs, who are available 24/7, worldwide.

Instant Video Call

GP Video Calls

Arrange your instant video consultation via your smartphone. Access on demand healthcare and support by contacting one of our GPs.


Family Account

ZoomDoc is a business committed to supporting families. Add family members to your account so that you can all access instant medical advice and personal on-demand healthcare.


Zoom Care

After your telephone or video consultation, our team of Great GPs will support you and your family with the right care to ensure you get better quicker.


Zoom Referrals

After a video or phone consultation,
our Doctors can also provide private letters, referrals or fit notes for work.

Questions about ZoomDoc?

Our team of Doctors are available 24/7 via the ZoomDoc App for any medical questions or queries you have.