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Covid-19 Recovery Certificate


 No Appointment Required. Upload Evidence in 3 mins.

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Certificate within **2 hours** [9am – 9pm]


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About this certificate

International Covid-19 Recovery Certificate for Travel

Have you had Covid in the last 6 months?

If you’re now fully recovered, you can get proof of Recovery with a Certificate for travel. Positive test result is required to be between 10-180 days ago.


  • Simple: 3-minute Online Form, No Appointment Required
  • Speedy: Get your Covid Recovery Certificate UK within 2 hours [*9am-9pm 7 days a week]
  • Verifiable: QR Code on every Certificate
  • UK Doctors: GMC Registered Doctor signed certificates
  • Inclusive: for Adults and Children
  • Fair: full refund if we are unable to provide a Certificate 
  • Multi-use: Certificate can be used on multiple trips abroad within 180 days of positive test result
Smart. Accessible & Verifiable QR Coded Certificates


Get your Certificate within 2 Hours


Covid-19 Recovery Certificate Same Day

What is on your Certificate ?


Covid-19 Recovery Certificate

Evidence Requested


  A Photo / Image of your Passport

  Positive Covid-19 PCR or Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen Result

  International, Private or UK NHS Test Results Accepted

  UK NHS Evidence can include the NHS App Notification, Email or Phone / SMS confirmation of a Positive Lateral Flow or PCR Result

X  We are unable to accept a photo of a cassette as evidence.


When Can I get a Certificate ? 


You can get a ZoomDoc Covid-19 Recovery Certificate if you have had a positive Covid-19 test result between the last 10 and 180 days. You must be free of all symptoms for 3 days before applying.


Check with your airline and country destination



Trusted by over 100,000 people Worldwide 🌎  


Covid-19 Recovery Certificate Trustpilot Reviews

Accepted Worldwide 

This list of countries is a small selection that many of our patients have travelled to with our Recovery Certificates. *Last checked 10/11/2022. Check latest guidelines for your destination before purchase.




When to test


Any Questions?

If you have any queries please check our list of frequently asked questions or get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen after I purchase a Recovery Certificate

    After purchase we will provide you with your unique certificate booking reference number to allow you to upload your evidence.

    Once you have uploaded your evidence, we validate it on the same day 9am-9pm (7 days a week) and then send across your Recovery Certificate.

  • What evidence do I require?

    We will require you to upload an images of:

    ✓  A Photo / Image of your Passport

    ✓  Positive Covid-19 PCR or Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen Result

    ✓  International or UK NHS Test Results are Accepted

    ✓  UK NHS Evidence can include the NHS App Notification, Email or Phone / SMS Confirmation of a Positive Result

    X  We are unable to accept only the photo of the actual cassette as evidence.

  • I do not live in the UK - can I still get a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate ?

    Yes - We provide a Doctors Signed Recovery Certificates for patients Internationally.

    You are not required to live in the UK, nor have been tested positive for Covid-19 in the UK to apply for our Recovery Certificate.

    Our team will require verifiable evidence to validate your certificate.

  • Can I use a UK NHS Lateral Flow Test result as evidence?

    Yes - We can provide a recovery certificate with a positive lateral flow result that is supplied from either the NHS (via an email, sms or NHS App notification) or a Private or International testing provider.

    We are unable to accept just the image of a positive lateral flow test cassette.

  • When am I eligible for a certificate?

    Your are able to apply for a Recovery Certificate on the 10th day of Positive test until a maximum of 180 days.

    You can apply and upload your evidence prior to 10 days but your certificate will only be sent to you on day 10.

  • QR Codes on Certificates?

    Our Recovery Certificates have QR codes that can be scanned to verify the documents authenticity at any time.

    When the QR code is scanned - it loads a portal to review your Certificate online and confirms all of your personal details within the certificate.

    Important: Please note that our QR code may not be readable by EU Digital Covid Pass readers or individual countries specific apps.

  • When will I receive my Certificate?

    Our team will review your evidence and provide you with your certificate on the same day, within 2 hours - once evidence has been uploaded between 9am-9pm GMT [7 days a week.]

  • Who signs the Recovery Certificate?

    Our UK Doctors at ZoomDoc Health sign every Recovery Certificate.

    We are a regulated, UK Government approved testing provider.

    All of our Doctors are registered with the UK General Medical Council.

  • How long do the certificates last?

    Recovery Certificates are valid for up to 180 days from the date of your first positive test result. After 180 days they will automatically expire.

    Some countries only accept recovery certificates within 90 days of arrival so check prior to travelling.

  • Can I travel to USA a COVID-19 Recovery Certificate?

    We have thousands of patients that have travelled to the USA with ZoomDoc Health Recovery Certificates.

    COVID-19 Recovery Certificates are valid in the USA for up to 90 days since your first positive Covid-19 test result.

    However, as entry requirements are regularly updated, it is your responsibility to check these before you travel.

    See the current travel requirements for the USA, on the UK Gov website.

  • Does the USA accept Lateral Flow Results for recovery certificates ?

    In accordance with CDC regulations, the USA accepts our Recovery Certificate based off either a positive PCR or Rapid Lateral Flow ( rapid antigen) test.

    They accept a recovery certificate within 90 days of arrival into the US and you will not be required to undertake any other tests.

    Simply show your certificate at check-in.

  • UPDATE: 7th January 2023: Thailand: Recovery Certificates

    It has been confirmed by multiple news sources that starting January 9, 2023 all non-Thai arrivals over the age of 18 must show proof of being fully vaccinated or a letter/certificate from a doctor showing recovery within the past 180 days.

    ZoomDoc Recovery Certificates have been used by thousands of our customers in 2022 prior to the change in rules.

  • Which countries accept Recovery Certificates for travel ?

    Multiple countries worldwide accept Recovery Certificates for travel including: [last updated 20/08/2022]

    Dominican Republic
    Hong Kong
    New Zealand
    Sri Lanka

    Always check the UK Government website for the latest up to date information.

  • France, Italy, Netherlands - Specific Rules

    France only accept the NHS Recovery Certificate / pass. They do not currently accept recovery certificates from other UK medical services. Our QR code can not be uploaded to France's own specific Covid App.

    Italy accept our recovery certificate for travelling across borders and passport control & at check-in desks. They do not upload to the EU digital app and do not work in the same way as an EU digital green pass. They may be able to be converted into the green pass in Italy within pharmacies/healthcare facilities - but this appears location dependent. This is the case for all private UK recovery certificates.

    Netherlands accept recovery certificates for entry although we are aware that some airlines are only accepting NHS recovery certificates & not those from private healthcare providers.

    Always check your destination countries up to date rules regarding recovery certificates, prior to travel.

  • Spain & the Canary Islands Accept Recovery Certificates

    Over 10,000 passengers have flown to Spain, the Canary & Balearic Islands with a ZoomDoc Recovery Certificate.

    Check specific guidelines at:

    A Positive PCR or Lateral Flow Test Result can be used as proof and validated for your Recovery Certificate.

  • Recovery Certificates for Children ?

    Our team provide Certificates for both Adults and Children of any age.

    Check with your destination country as young children may not always require a recovery certificate to travel.

  • VeriFly: Pre-Check

    The VeriFly pre-checkin upload of Recovery Certificates is temperamental and Certificates are not always able to be uploaded. This is the case for all private Covid-19 Recovery Certificates.

    Nonetheless, our Recovery Certificates are accepted at airport check-in desks for travel to all destinations that accept Doctor Signed, QR Coded Covid-19 Recovery Certificates.

  • Do you provide a refund if it is not accepted by an airline?

    We only provide a refund prior to a Recovery Certificate having been provided. After we have provided a certificate we are unable to provide a refund.

    If we are unable to provide a certificate for any reason, we will provide a full refund.

”At ZoomDoc, we have supported over 100,000 people with our Covid-19 Recovery Certificates & Covid-19 home tests. We have reunited families and enabled last minute holidays. From Spain to Thailand, Australia to the USA, we have opened borders and provided both the reassurance and guarantee that our customers require.

Our amazing 5 Star Trustpilot reviews are testament to the high quality service that our team of Doctors provide.

We know that some patients remain positive on PCR beyond 10 days and may require a recovery certificate to support them with travel or attending events. Our certificates all have QR codes that make it easy to provide verification and proof of recovery. “

Dr Kenny Livingstone. GP & ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer.