Unvaccinated Arrivals


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 Day 2 & 8 Tests 

Unvaccinated Arrivals from ‘Rest of the World’.

 Test at Home or Hotel.

✓ Post, Courier or Drop Samples at the Lab in Central London.

 Same Day Results: All Samples received by Lab before 1pm. 


In stock

About this test

Who should take this test?
  • Unvaccinated Arrivals – Day 2 & 8 Tests 
  • Required for all Worldwide Arrivals into England, Wales & Northern Ireland who are not vaccinated from any country that is not listed on the UK government red list.
  • Home & Hotel test kits available for next day or same day delivery.
  • Return your tests to the lab by post, courier or drop off directly at the lab.
  • For both adults who are not fully vaccinated & for children aged 5-18 years, regardless of vaccination status.
Unique Booking Reference
  • Unique reference number provided instantly after you have purchased your tests.
  • You will be required to add your unique test booking reference within your online passenger locator form. (Within 48 hours prior to arrival in the UK)
When will I get results?
  • Same Day results for all samples received by the lab before 1pm each day.
  • Guaranteed results within 24 hours. If sample received after 1pm each day.

🎄 Christmas Opening Hours: 25th December: Lab Closed. 🎄

How do I return my sample to the lab?
  • We include a Free Tracked24 Royal Mail postal return envelope. Samples posted in Priority Post Boxes should arrive the next working day. Please note: Royal Mail in the UK does not deliver or collect samples on a Sunday.
  • Alternatively you can courier or drop off your test kit to the laboratory.
Christmas / New Year Lab Opening Hours

24th December: 9am – 4pm
25th December: Closed
26th December: 9am – 4pm
27th – 30th December: 9-am – 6pm
31st December: 11am – 4pm
1st January: 11am – 4pm
2nd January: 9am – 4pm

Royal Mail Deliveries may be delayed during the Christmas & New Year holidays

What is Included?

 Unvaccinated Arrivals from ‘Rest of World’ – Day 2 & 8 Tests 

✓ Government Listed Provider

 Recorded, next working day delivery of your test kit (if booked before 3.30pm Mon-Fri)

✓ Same Day Delivery available in London

 24hr Tracked Royal Mail Return

 Results available same day if test received by lab before 1pm.

 Patients emailed with results & certificate

 Analysis of all results by a ZoomDoc Doctor



When to test

Taking your Tests

On return from travel abroad – you can take your Day 2 Test at any point up to and including the 2nd day that you have arrived in the UK.

You should take your Day 8 Test – 8 days after arrival into the UK.

Returning Samples
  • Royal Mail 24 hour tracked return: This is included with your test kit. Please note that samples sent after 5pm on a Friday, may not arrive at at the lab until Monday morning. 
  • Courier: Your test sample can also be couriered to the lab.
  • Drop off at the lab: Sample kit dropbox outside the lab.

Samples received at the lab before 1pm – will be analysed on the same day. 

Courier Information

Salient Bio, Unit 504 Cocoa Studios, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Drummond Road, London, SE16 4DG

There is a dropbox outside the lab location that samples can be posted within.


Any Questions?

If you have any queries please check our list of frequently asked questions or get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen after purchase of a test kit?

    After purchase of your test kit, it will be immediately dispatched to your home or office. After it arrives, you must activate the test with the details of the patient undertaking the test. There are full instructions on the test kit box.

    You will also receive your unique reference number immediately on purchase.

  • What will happen if I do not activate my test kit properly?

    Unfortunately if your test is not correctly activated we will be unable to contact you with your results. If you feel that you haven’t correctly activated your test kit you must contact us as soon as possible.

  • Are ZoomDoc a UK Government listed provider?

    Yes. ZoomDoc are listed on the UK Government website to provide unvaccinated arrival tests. We work alongside Salient Bio laboratories to analyse your tests.

  • Unique Reference Number & Passenger Locator Form.

    After purchase of your test kits, you will instantly receive your Unique Reference Number. You will require this for your passenger locator form.

    You will be required to enter this number within your Passenger Locator Form within 48 hours of arrival into the UK.

  • I’ve activated and taken my test, now what?

    Please ensure your test is packed as per the instructions within the test kit. You should then send your test to the lab as soon as possible by either using the attached pre-paid tracked24 label to post it or, for much faster results you may wish to courier or drop it at the lab in Central London. Do not take your test to the Lab if you have any symptoms suggestive of Covid-19.

  • What is my unique bar code?

    The unique bar code is listed on your test kit box and should be used at the time of activation.

  • What do I need to do before taking my test?

    Please wash your hands thoroughly. Ideally you should not take your test in close proximity to others, make sure you sanitise the area in which you take your test e.g. tables, mirrors etc.

  • What is the PCR Swab Test?

    The test involves taking a single combined swab of your throat and then nose.

    It is a PCR test that detects the genetic information of the virus, the RNA. This is only possible if the virus is there and someone is actively infected. By detecting the viral RNA, which will be present in the body before antibodies form or symptoms of the disease are present, the test can tell whether or not someone has the virus very early on.

    We provide an instruction leaflet and video that details how you should take the test.

  • Will the swab hurt?

    You will need to take samples from both your throat and nostrils. This can feel uncomfortable, you may feel like gagging but you should not experience pain. Do not insert the swab any deeper if you begin to experience strong resistance or pain.

  • When will I receive my results?

    We aim to have your results to you via SMS or email within 24 hours of the lab receiving your test, tests couriered to the lab will usually be processed quicker.

    If your sample arrives at the lab before 1pm, results will be provided on the same day.

  • How Accurate are the tests

    The assays used at salient bio show a high sensitivity and specificity, with no cross-reactivity with other viruses.

  • Who should take these Unvaccinated Arrival tests?

    If you have returned from International travel worldwide to England, Wales or Northern Ireland and you have not been fully vaccinated (x2 covid vaccines at least 14 days prior to arrival).

  • What if my swab test is positive?

    If you test positive

    1. You must immediately self-isolate in line with local government guidelines.
    2. ZoomDoc GP will call to discuss your result
    3. You must then use the online coronavirus 119 service who will advise you on the next steps to take.

  • Do you issue certificates?

    Yes. We provide a copy of your results and a certificate as soon as we receive them. The certificate is the laboratory certificate which confirms your full name, date of birth, the date and time the sample was taken, in addition to your result.

”At ZoomDoc, we have supported thousands of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic with our efficient and reliable PCR testing service. Our amazing Trustpilot reviews are testament to the high quality service that our team of Doctors have provided during the last year. These PCR tests can be activated and used on day 2 & 8 as part of UK government guidelines for anyone who is not fully vaccinated and arriving into England, Wales or Northern Ireland.”

Dr Kenny Livingstone. GP & ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer.

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