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About us

We are here to transform the future of online healthcare

About us

We are here to transform the future of online healthcare

Our mission is to disrupt conventional healthcare models in the firm belief that nobody should have to wait to get well.

Online consultations and home health-testing services allow patients to take control of their health and well-being. We have also revolutionised ‘non-NHS’ medical letters – removing the need for a GP appointment and relieving pressure on the NHS.

“The future of healthcare is online, and great care is now accessible to all through the power of technology and innovation. Our team have created a seamless and personalised experience for patients, enabling them to access care anytime, anywhere.”

Dr Kenny Livingstone
CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Our Journey

MARCH 2017

UK’s first doctor-on-demand home visiting app launched

ZoomDoc launched the UK’s first doctor-on-demand, home visiting app, enabling patients to access a doctor anytime and anywhere. Our innovative approach to healthcare delivery allowed patients to easily and conveniently receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes.


Sir Andy Murray invests in ZoomDoc

Sir Andy Murray’s investment into ZoomDoc is a testament to the company’s innovative approach to healthcare delivery. The former tennis champion recognizes the value of providing convenient and accessible medical care. At the same time, we were rated ‘Good’ by the CQC – the UK health regulators.


Partners with McDonald’s to deliver employee healthcare services

ZoomDoc Health pilots telemedicine and corporate clinics with McDonald’s UK & Global offices. This exciting partnership marked a major milestone for ZoomDoc Health – providing game-changing healthcare services to McDonald’s employees.

JUNE 2020

Becomes leading UK government-approved Covid-19 testing provider

During the global pandemic, we became a leading UK government-approved Covid-19 testing provider. Supporting corporates and the travel industry, whilst helping prevent the spread of the virus.


Comprehensive range of home wellness tests launched

ZoomDoc Health developed an international lateral flow testing platform and launched a comprehensive range of home wellness blood tests in partnership with David Lloyd Health Clubs.

MARCH 2022

Introduction of same-day doctors’ letters

ZoomDoc Health developed revolutionary technology that has simplified the process of obtaining same-day doctors’ letters, certificates, and referrals. With this innovative solution, there is now no need for GP appointments and turnaround times are fast, helping to relieve pressure on the NHS. This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer for patients and Doctors alike.

Into the future

At ZoomDoc Health, we are pushing the boundaries of digital healthcare. We are excited about the future. With our innovative approach and commitment to providing great care, our mission will always be the same – to support our patients in their journey towards better health.

“At McDonald’s the health and wellbeing of our people is our absolute priority. We have worked with ZoomDoc throughout the pandemic to provide on-site GP clinics and testing services to support our employees’ wellbeing and give them peace of mind during these unprecedented times. The ZoomDoc team has gone above and beyond to support our staff with easy-access care with the utmost professionalism. I cannot speak more highly of the service we have received.”
Paul Pomroy
McDonalds Corporate Senior VP

Questions about ZoomDoc?

Our team of Doctors are available via the ZoomDoc App for any medical questions or queries.