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Become a ZoomDoc partner


Become a ZoomDoc partner


ZoomDoc Health partners with independent and large pharmacy chains to provide patients with a wide range of medical options. Our “Pharmacy First” partnerships enable pharmacies to diversify their services with same-day doctor’s letters and home wellness blood tests. Contact us to learn more about our affiliate program and how our services can can help your pharmacy to grow and thrive.

Travel Partners

We have teamed up with travel partners to provide seamless healthcare services, giving individuals easy access to our doctors. By combining the convenience of ZoomDoc Health with the expertise of travel partners, people can easily manage their health and travel needs. Our travel-related medical certificates are widely accepted by airlines and cruise companies, making it easy for individuals to get the care and support they need while traveling. This innovative approach to healthcare delivery is changing the way people think about managing their health and wellness on the go.

Private Hospitals & the NHS

Through our partnerships with the NHS and private hospital groups, we are working to transform the way healthcare is delivered and to make it more accessible and convenient for everyone. We are excited about the impact our digital services are having and are committed to continuing to innovate and improve the way we all deliver and receive medical care.


ZoomDoc Health is proud to partner with businesses of all sizes, providing quick and easy access to our team of talented GPs. As the pandemic has shown, the health and wellbeing of employees is more important than ever, and companies are increasingly prioritizing their employee healthcare benefits. ZoomDoc makes it simple for businesses to provide their employees with convenient access to medical professionals, whether for consultations or work-related medical certificates. In addition, we offer the option of placing GPs on-site, within businesses to provide even more comprehensive support. Contact us to learn more about how ZoomDoc can support your employees and business.

NHS Innovation

ZoomDoc is here to help support the NHS. As an innovative health tech company, we are committed to ensuring that all of our GPs are UK NHS trained. ZoomDoc can support GP federations, CCGs and out of hours providers.

Become a ZoomDoc partner

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