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Blue Badge Disability

August 30, 2023
Blue Badge Disability
August 30, 2023

If you have a disability or medical condition, a Blue Badge can be almost transformative. The ability to access parking spaces that are not only closer to your destination but give you the room you need to move, can take away many of the worries you may feel about going out. Whether the badge is for you or someone you care for. But the application process is notoriously stringent. And while that is perhaps a good thing, reserving the parking spaces for those who truly need them, if you’re struggling, it can feel like just another obstacle. A medical letter can help to support your application process.

What Do You Need to Know About Getting a Medical Letter for a Blue Badge Application of Renewal


A Blue Badge can give you exemption from parking restrictions and access to designated parking.


Do you need a medical letter for all Blue Badge applications?

Different councils have different requirements for Blue Badge applications. Some require you to apply directly through the council. Others will ask you to apply through the government website. This means that not all applications will need you to provide a medical letter. And that where a medical letter is required, it may demand specific information or criteria. So, before applying for a Blue Badge medical letter, it’s important that you thoroughly look into the specifications of your local council’s application process.

What conditions make you eligible for a Blue Badge?


People who may get a Blue Badge find walking very difficult due to pain, breathlessness or have a life limiting illness.


The criteria for Blue Badge eligibility is fairly wide. It includes:

  •       Mobility difficulties
  •       Life limiting illnesses
  •       Conditions that require the use of bulky medical equipment when out of the home (this applies to children as well as adults)
  •       Disabilities in both arms that mean you cannot easily operate pay and display parking machines
  •       Anxiety
  •       And behavioural or awareness issues that may impact other people.

For more specific information, check with your local council or on the UK government website.

How do you get a Blue Badge medical letter?


If you or your passenger has severe mobility problems, the Blue Badge scheme lets you park closer to your destination.


You can get a Blue Badge medical letter from your GP. But because it is not considered an urgent matter, you may find that you will have to wait a number of weeks to gain an appointment. With ZoomDoc, you can obtain a Blue Badge medical letter on the day that you apply for one. Simply upload proof of your ID, and a short video detailing evidence of the condition that means you would benefit from a Blue Badge. Your case will be reviewed by one of our qualified GPs. As long as you meet the required criteria, you will receive your medical letter the same day.

If our GPs review your evidence and decide that you do not meet the relevant criteria, and are unable to provide you with a medical letter, you will receive a refund.

What sort of evidence do you need to supply for a ZoomDoc Blue Badge medical letter?


Our doctors can provide you with a medical letter that will confirm your disability and its impact on your day-to-day life.


When you apply for your medical letter, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This will allow our GPs to assess the main areas that impact your mobility and influence your need for a Blue Badge. You will also be required to upload a video, showing us how your disability affects you.

When you’re applying for any kind of support, including a Blue Badge, it can feel like you’re confronted with endless rounds of red tape. At ZoomDoc, our aim is to relieve some of that bureaucracy. We seek to make gaining medical evidence as simple and as fast as possible. Saving you time, effort, and stress, so you can concentrate on the things that matter.

Find out more about Blue Badge medical letters from ZoomDoc.

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