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ZoomDoc allows patients to see local, caring, professional and reliable on-call UK General Practitioners. You can choose your own doctor and arrange instant telephone consultations or home, hotel or office visits within 90 minutes. Get clinically appropriate medications, referrals, private letters or sick notes.

You can download the ZoomDoc App for free from the IOS AppStore. 

**Coming soon to Android**

Our Doctors are available via the app from anywhere in the World for instant telephone consultations (*video coming soon). Home visiting doctors are available across the U.K.

Most of our doctors are based in London but we now have doctors on the ground in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stafford.

Download the app for free to see your nearest ZoomDoc Doctor.

As a ZoomDoc GP, our unique app based software will enable you to be great Doctors. We are on-hand to help with your registration and ZoomDoc’s on-boarding process in addition to providing IT support whenever you need us. Safety and security for all ZoomDoc GPs is key, so we have implemented features to alert ZoomDoc should the need arise.

ZoomDoc doctors can work across the U.K or even provide telephone or video consultations whilst abroad. Our doctors have the ability to choose how far they wish to travel to see patients. Our GPs can also build a network of private patients in their local area.

Nope. ZoomDoc GPs have full autonomy to log on or off the ZoomDoc app based platform. They can choose to work whenever or wherever, across the U.K –  24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Our in app technology enables our GPs to call patients prior to attending home visits. Telephone triage to ensure as a GP,  we are the right provider of care or you can direct the patient to where they need to be seen. Or simply reassure your patient.

Via the doctor app. These can get sent directly to the patient after the consultation. You can forward these onto the patients regular GP as well.

By providing private prescriptions or by arranging the delivery of medications by our pharmacy partners. In emergency situations you can supply medications from your Doctors bag and add the fee onto the visit charge.

Home Visits, telephone consultations and video consultations [*coming soon.] Private referrals, acute referrals to NHS specialties, sick notes and private letters. We will also be adding the ability to arrange investigations.

Seamlessly. Our doctors get paid electronically after each visit or telephone/video consultation – securely and safely. No waiting until the end of each month. Our very small % commission enables ZoomDoc to work in the background; thus enabling you to be great doctors.

On this website or email us at info@zoomdoc.com Once you have applied and we have validated your documents, we will meet with you in person and then guide you through your app and becoming a ZoomDoc GP. We have GPs signing up across the U.K so we welcome applications from UK based GPs.

All of our Doctors at ZoomDoc are GMC registered, UK trained General Practitioners. They all work as GPs – mostly within the NHS, but also within the private sector. All of our doctors are tightly regulated and monitored by ZoomDoc and they are fully insured. They all undergo regular appraisal and revalidation.

Absolutely. There is a picture of your local ZoomDoc GP with information about where they also work and their specialist interests. You can also see how many times they have been ‘liked’ by other ZoomDoc patients.

Your ZoomDoc app provides you with an estimated time it will take for your doctor to arrive. This can increase slightly during rush hour or if heavy traffic.

GP home visits, telephone advice (*video consultations coming soon). Medical assessment, clinical examination, diagnoses, prescriptions and referral letters. Referral to private hospitals or acutely to NHS specialists (if indicated). A sick note can also be supplied if this is required.

Your GP will call ahead to check how you are. You might only require telephone advice and reassurance. It is also possible that your ZoomDoc doctor may feel it is far safer for you to be seen by other services in a quicker fashion. They may feel you need an ambulance instead of a GP. Your safety and care will always come first.

Your medical notes are written by your ZoomDoc doctor  after your consultation and sent directly to you. You will receive a notification when they are available to read within your app. We can also update your regular NHS GP if you wish.

ZoomDoc can arrange for our local pharmacy partners to deliver your medication the same day (in the London area) or the following day nationally. Alternatively we can give you a private prescription that will allow you to obtain medication locally. ZoomDoc are unable to prescribe strong analgesics, including morphine based medications, benzodiazepines, strong sleeping tablets or medications that would normally be prescribed (or require close monitoring) by a Specialist.

All payments are seamless by credit card through your ZoomDoc app. You will also receive a receipt after your consultation that can be used for insurance purposes.

ZoomDoc is not an emergency service – if you or the patient has chest pain, is very short of breath, unresponsive or bleeding excessively then you should dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

All up to date pricing is listed within the ZoomDoc App which is free to download. Telephone advice starts from £25 and home visits from £99. There is an additional charges for a referral letter, private letter or sick note – £15 each.

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