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Greece Visa Medical Certificates sent the same day

January 30, 2024
Greece Visa Medical Certificates sent the same day
January 30, 2024

When temperatures dip, who doesn’t dream of moving abroad to somewhere warmer, sunnier and idyllic, like Greece? If you’re tempted to spend longer than a few weeks there this year – perhaps working in Athens or hopping around the Greek Islands – then make sure you have everything you need.


Ever since the UK left the EU back in 2020, it’s not as easy to pack up your bags and work abroad as it used to be, pre-Brexit. British workers are now considered Third Country Nationals, which means it’s essential to have a valid work permit and working visa to work in European countries, including France, Austria, Spain and Greece.


So if you’re currently planning an extended Greek getaway this year and plan to work while you’re over there, here’s what you’ll need to sort out, ahead of your trip.


Work visas for Greece: what do I need?


UK passport holders wanting to work in Greece must make sure their passport and other travel requirements meet the requirements.


If you’re heading off on a family holiday to Crete or have a honeymoon booked, don’t worry. If you’re there short-term and for pleasure only, all you’ll need is a valid passport and travel insurance and you’re good to go.


Always double check on the foreign office website for that country, of course.


For longer trips – spending over 90 days in Greece – you’ll need something called a national visa for temporary residence if you’re planning to do any of the following jobs or work, while you’re there:


  • Tour guide
  • Sports coaching or competing in an international sports event
  • Seasonal work (working in hotels, clubs, water sports, farming, fruit picking)
  • Forest firefighting
  • Fisherman
  • Specialist staff providing technical services
  • Working remotely from Greece


Your temporary residence visa will cover you to work for up to 6 months or 1 year and can’t be extended. 


To spend longer working in Greece you’ll need a long-term residence permit (for work and professional reasons).


Fit to work in Greece: how to get proof


All non-EU nationals are eligible to apply for a work visa in Greece. This means that if you get a work permit, you will also be given a residence permit.


As part of your temporary visa application you’ll need, amongst other items, to provide a medical certificate confirming you’re fit and well.


According to information on Gov.uk this must be ‘issued by a recognised state or private doctor, showing you don’t have an infectious, contagious or parasitic disease which could risk public health.’


ZoomDoc can provide you with this medical certificate the same day, helping take any stress out of your application process and even speeding it up.


Here’s how to get yours:


  • Order your Greece Work and Long Stay Visa Medical Certificate for £79.
  • Follow the instructions and supply the documents and evidence requested, including photo ID, a short video vouching that you’re fit and well, your digital Summary Care Record (available from your registered GP) and an online medical form.
  • A doctor will call you if they require anything else related to this application.
  • Once validated you will receive a letter signed by a UK FCDO-registered doctor, confirming you do not suffer from any disease that could cause serious repercussions to public health, according to the specifications of the International Health Regulations (IHR) of 2005. This can be emailed and texted the same day and will also be posted out the next working day.


‘As part of this service you’ll also receive a country-specific signed and stamped: Medical Certificate For Long Stay D Visa For Greece,’ says ZoomDoc GP, Dr Michael Prudden.

This will be signed and sent by post.


Is this valid for other countries?


The Greek visa is for a period of up to 90 days, within any period of 180 days, in order to work exclusively for the purpose or in the field the visa is applied for.


No, this particular document is Greece specific. If you’re planning to work abroad seasonally, for instance skiing on the Spanish slopes or fruit picking in France then you will need a Visa Medical Certificate of Good Health or France Work Medical Certificate.


Read more about seasonal work visas here.


Find out which other medical letters you may need this year – and not even know about!


Which other medical letters will I need for Greece?


If you’re pregnant and planning to travel by air or sea, you may require a fit-to-fly certificate.


Wherever you’re travelling to, if you’re pregnant you will need to provide evidence you’re ‘fit to fly’ including when your due date is. 


‘Airlines won’t let you board past the 36-week mark, sometimes earlier, so bear this in mind when you’re booking travel for any length of time,’ says Dr Prudden.


Arm yourself with a Pregnancy Fit To Fly Letter if required.


Alternatively if you need to travel with specific medicines and medication, it’s a good idea to have an official doctor’s letter explaining what it is and why you need it. 


‘This can avoid any unnecessary hold ups or questioning at the airport or even during your adventure,’ says Dr Prudden.


Get your Travel With Medication Medical Letter.


Cancelling your work trip to Greece


If for some reason your trip is all booked but illness or injury beforehand means you’ll need to cancel it, this can be hugely disappointing. To help sort things out, we can provide a Travel Cancellation Letter to help your travel insurance claim go as smoothly as possible.


Get your Travel and Holiday Cancellation Certificate

Want to know more?

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