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Housing Support Medical Letters made easy

December 15, 2023
Housing Support Medical Letters made easy
December 15, 2023

Each year, the NHS spends around £1.4 billion on treating illnesses associated with living in cold or damp housing – that’s according to a report produced in 2021. Two years on these costs could be even more. 


Last year, The Guardian reported almost half a million homes in England had problems with condensation or mould, something that causes ill health and even deaths due to severe respiratory conditions. It’s an ongoing problem and can quite literally be a case of life or death when black mould spreads and is not treated swiftly or properly by a landlord, homeowner or council. 


If you’re affected – either by mould or condensation – or have a health condition or disability that is exacerbated and impacted by your current housing situation, you must file a complaint to your local council. And be prepared to chase it up for the sake of your and your family members’ health.


Although councils will work slightly differently across the country, once your complaint has been put in, it will go from the council to your GP. This is so that your doctor can support your claim and provide medical evidence to back it up. 


‘To help speed things up and build your case, be proactive and get yourself a Housing Support Medical Letter,’ says ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer and GP, Dr Kenny LIvingstone.


‘Accessing these from your NHS GP is not always that simple, which is why our privately-dispensed Housing Support Medical Letter will take some of the stress out of this process and could prevent any avoidable delays occurring. Available the same day, it will confirm the disability or condition that you have and how your housing situation impacts your health from day to day,’ he says.


Keep reading to find out how to get your Housing Support Medical Letter, without even needing to see your GP.


Housing Support Medical Letters: who needs one?


Every person across this country deserves to live in a home that is safe, warm and dry.



As mentioned above you may need this specific doctor’s note for evidence and also to back up your case for needing to move or to upgrade your current living accommodation for specific health or disability reasons. 


This could be due to you or family member having problems with:


  • Ill health – caused by damp, mould and condensation at your current rental or council property.
  • Mobility problems – where a condition such as arthritis in both knees makes it impossible to use the council block’s staircase.
  • Disability – where an injury, illness or condition requires one-story accommodation.


Housing Support Medical Letters: how to get yours

Applying for specific housing on medical grounds or your health condition is impacted by your current housing situation our doctors can provide a supporting medical letter.


To avoid seeing or chasing your GP for one – if they will provide one in the first place – come straight to ZoomDoc. 


As part of our private Medical Letters service, our doctors can provide you with a same-day certificate that will:


  • confirm your health condition 
  • confirm how your current housing and living environment impacts your lifestyle day-to-day. 


This can be for either yourself or your child and no doctor’s appointment is required – simply apply online.


‘Of course, as with all our medical letters and doctor’s notes at ZoomDoc, we will need you to supply some specific information in order for us to assess your condition and how it is exacerbated or impacted by your current housing,’ says Dr Kenny.


You will need:


  • a photo of your passport or driving licence
  • your completed online medical form
  • a 30-second to 1-minute video explaining how your disability affects you
  • your digital Summary Health Care Record or a doctor’s letter confirming your medical condition or disability
  • details of your regular NHS GP (if you have one).


Housing Support Medical Letters: what will I receive?

For £45 you will receive a verifiable digital PDF letter signed by a medical professional and sent directly to your mobile, containing the following details:


  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your medical disability, health conditions and how they affects you
  • The impact of your current housing on your health
  • The housing support that your require
  • Signature and authorisation by one of our GMC-registered UK doctors.
  • Contact details of ZoomDoc Health with a QR code enabling a verification check by your council, housing association or private landlord.


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