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Chickenpox Recovery & Fitness to Fly Letter

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Chickenpox Recovery Fit-to-Fly Letter

If you or your child has recently had chickenpox, their spots have fully scabbed over and have recovered – your airline will require a Fit to Fly Letter to confirm that you are no longer infectious. Our Doctors can issue you with a Same Day Medical Letter confirming that you are Fit to Fly.


  • Simple: 3 mins online form, no appointment required
  • Speedy: Get your Letter within a few hours
  • Verifiable: QR Code on every Doctors Letter
  • UK Doctors: GMC Registered Doctor Signed Letters
  • Inclusive: for Children and Adults
  • International: Letters provided Worldwide 
How does it work?

Following purchase of this Chickenpox Recovery Letter, you will be guided to upload your medical evidence. This is all undertaken via a simple questionnaire.

As part of your evidence, you will be required to upload a short 30 sec to 1 min video from your mobile phone, showing your spots that have fully scabbed over.

Your evidence is reviewed by our team of Doctors and we will then issue you with your Medical Letter. If our Doctors have any further questions or concerns then they may give you a quick call – it is that simple.

All of our Doctor Letters are on company headed paper, with the doctors full name and GMC medical registration number. They are also QR coded to enable a validity check by your airline.

What happens if you are not fully recovered?

If our Doctors feel that the chickenpox spots are not fully scabbed over and that the patient is still infectious, they will still issue a letter but it will state that the patient is ‘not fully recovered’ and that they are ‘not fit to fly.’ This can then be used for insurance purposes or flight rearrangements with your airline.

Chickenpox can cause problems with pregnant women during their pregnancy and also immunocompromised individuals so we have a clinical responsibility to ensure that we only sign off patients to fly and travel, that are no longer infectious.


Your Fit to Fly Recovery Letter:
Medical Information Requested

 A Photo / Image of your Passport

 When your chickenpox started & confirmation that you are now well

 A 30 sec to 1 min video confirming that your chickenpox spots have scabbed over

Your Airline and Flight Details



Medical Letter Example – Digital PDF On Mobile & Verifiable




When to test


Any Questions?

If you have any queries please check our list of frequently asked questions or get in touch with one of our experts who will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will happen after I purchase a Chickenpox Recovery Medical Letter

    After purchase we will provide you with your unique certificate booking reference number to allow you to upload your medical evidence.

    Once you have uploaded your medical evidence, our team of Doctors will review it on the same day 9am-9pm (7 days a week).

    Once validated - we will send you your Medical Certificate by email and sms.

    Our Doctors may call you if they have any questions.

  • What medical evidence do I require?

    We will require you to:

    ✓  Upload Photo / Image of your Passport

    ✓ Complete a medical questionnaire

    ✓  Upload a short video (on your mobile) confirming and showing that the spots have all scabbed over

  • QR Codes on Letters?

    Our Medical Letters have QR codes that can be scanned to verify the documents authenticity at any time.

    When the QR code is scanned - it loads your personal results portal to review your Letter online and confirm all of your personal details within the Letter.

  • Do you provide a refund?

    We only provide full refunds if we are unable to provide a Medical Letter.

    After our Doctors have provided a Medical Letter we are unable to process a refund.

  • When will I receive my Letter?

    Our team will review your evidence and provide you with your Medical Letter on the same day that evidence has been uploaded between 9am-9pm GMT [7 days a week.]

  • Who signs the Medical Letter?

    Our UK Doctors at ZoomDoc Health sign your Medical Letter.

    We are a UK regulated healthcare service and the certificates can be used internationally.

    All of our Doctors are registered with the UK General Medical Council.

” Our amazing 5 Star Trustpilot reviews are testament to the high quality service that our team of Doctors provide. After recovery from chickenpox, flying can sometimes be tricky and most airlines will request medical confirmation that you are no longer infectious. Our team are here to help. Our Medical Letters all have QR codes that make it easy to confirm their validity when checked by your airline. Our medical letters can be used internationally, after recovery, for travel purposes. “

Dr Kenny Livingstone. GP & ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer.

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