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4 ways ZoomDoc can help your business

November 10, 2022
4 ways ZoomDoc can help your business
November 10, 2022

4 ways ZoomDoc can help your business

Easy ways to keep employees healthy all year round

Keeping Employees healthy


With long-term sickness levels at a record high in the UK, employees’ health has never been more of a concern for bosses. 

Whether it’s due to long COVID, post-pandemic burn out or something else, there’s no doubt that rising sickness rates are causing chaos for businesses and in turn, the economy. 

While there’s no overnight cure (sadly) one thing worth knowing about is how ZoomDoc can help your business stay healthy – or at least, get staff back on their feet as soon as is physically possible. 

From helping businesses get access to same-day GP appointments to providing group vaccines, health tests and letters, here are three ways ZoomDoc can help your business stay healthier all year round …


  • The GP can see you now

We all know how hard it can be to get an appointment with your GP these days but ZoomDoc can put employees in touch with a doctor the same day. 

Simply download the app and we can put them in touch with a GP via telephone or video call, or arrange a home visit. And because our team of doctors are available 24/7, it can be at a time that suits them. 


Instant telephone & video GP calls


‘Whether it’s a prescription for antibiotics to get someone back on their feet and back at work as soon as possible, or a diagnosis for what’s been keeping them off, instant access to a GP will be a huge helping hand to business – especially when the pandemic has made everyone realise just how important their health is,’ says ZoomDoc Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenny Livingstone.


  • See a specialist, sooner

ZoomDoc can help staff with private medical cover see a specialist as soon as possible, by providing a same-day GP referral letter. 

For just £35 – a small cost for businesses wanting staff back at work but above all, feeling well enough to be there – staff won’t need to see their NHS GP. 


Same Day GP Referral Letter

Get a same day GP referral letters to see a specialist. Without the need to speak to a doctor.


‘This service saves everyone time and makes the whole process quicker with much less stress involved,’ says Dr Kenny.

Tell your employees about our GP referral letter service, available here. It couldn’t be easier!


Speaking of letters, if an employee of yours is off sick, make sure you know about ZoomDoc’s ‘work sickness certificate’.

‘We know it’s not always that simple to get a doctor’s note or proof to confirm illness or reasons for absence from work, so we’ve simplified this to help employees – and businesses,’ says Dr Kenny.


Same day work sickness letter


The service costs just £35 and makes it simple for staff who’re off sick to get hold of a doctor’s note for HR or insurance purposes – and it’s available the same day, too.

This note is different to an NHS Med3 Fit note, which is only available from your NHS GP.

Here’s how to get your ‘work sickness certificate’.


  • Keep your company flu-free

We all know by now just how damaging a contagious virus can be to workforces. Why risk getting struck down by seasonal flu when we can vaccinate against it, from your offices.

‘We can arrange company-wide flu vaccine roll-out at a time that suits you and your employees, meaning everyone’s protected against the virus in time for winter, when it’s at its peak,’ says Dr Kenny.


Flu vaccines

flu vaccines for employees


ZoomDoc can provide private flu jabs, blood tests and company medicals as part of its corporate healthcare packages for businesses large or small.

It’s never been more important to have a healthy workforce. Get in touch today to find out how ZoomDoc can help your business keep well and keep going. Contact us here.

Want to know more?

Our team of Doctors are available via the ZoomDoc App for any medical questions or queries.