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Holiday cancellations – what are your rights?

July 23, 2023
Holiday cancellations – what are your rights?
July 23, 2023

It’s peak holiday season and while the days of COVID preventing a planned trip abroad may be behind us, there are still many other obstacles that can stop you from being able to travel – or wanting to travel. Here’s what you need to know about cancelling your holiday for health reasons, as well as how to get the help you may need along the way.


Can I cancel my holiday because of a heatwave?


That depends on the terms and conditions of your holiday and who you have booked with.


While reports of scorching temperatures abroad might be appealing to some right now, others may be less keen on the thought of holidaying somewhere mid heatwave. But can you cancel a holiday due to the temperature and still get your money back?


Unless the Foreign Office issues a statement warning Brits not to travel to Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece or any other countries experiencing high temperatures this summer, then the answer is no for most of us.


However, if you have a health condition that means it would be dangerous for you to be there, you may have a case – provided you have travel insurance.

‘If your doctor says you’re unfit to travel given the circumstances at your destination, then you’ll need this in writing for your insurance company.


How ZoomDoc can help: If you need confirmation of a condition or illness preventing you from travelling, we can issue a doctor’s letter verifying the facts. It’s quick and easy to arrange – you won’t even need to leave the house – and you can even get it sent to you the same day if time is of the essence.

Order your ‘‘Travel and Holiday Cancellation Certificate’ here.


Do I have to cancel my holiday if my child has chickenpox?


Anyone with chickenpox will need a letter from their doctor confirming they are no longer contagious.


Unfortunately airlines won’t let your child onboard if they have chickenpox, which is highly infectious. This is why many airlines such as Easyjet ‘recommend that you take out travel insurance before making a booking, in case any unexpected illness or event means you need to change your plans.’


Just ahead of the summer, in light of a spike in chickenpox cases, airlines including Jet2, RyanAir and Virgin Atlantic issued reminders to passengers on their websites.


Virgin Atlantic reminds passengers affected by chickenpox can only fly ‘seven days after the last crop of spots providing the spots have crusted/scabbed over and the passenger feels well and has no fever.’


Jet2 echoes this advice saying that ‘for the safety of all our customers, at least seven days must have elapsed since the first spots appeared, with no others forming, before we are able to consider carrying anyone with chicken pox.’


How ZoomDoc can help: As above we can provide a ‘‘Travel and Holiday Cancellation Certificate’ for just £40. verifying your child’s chickenpox as a reason for not being able to travel. 


Can I still go on holiday if my child has had chickenpox but still has spots?

With chickenpox the spots can take a while to fade completely once they’ve crusted over. The good news is, provided your child is feeling well, you can still travel as your child is no longer infectious.


However, if the spots are noticeable still, you will require a ‘Fit To Fly’ letter to show the airline. This will prove that their spots are no longer contagious and are able to travel.


How ZoomDoc can help: We can provide a same-day ‘Fit To Fly’ letter. For just £40 you can speak to us about your child’s chickenpox – no need to see your NHS GP who will charge for the service and take a few days to provide it . We’ll then send you a verifiable digital PDF letter signed by a medical professional that will offer you peace of mind and get you onboard that flight.


I’m expecting twins – will I still be able to go on my holiday?


Occasional air travel during pregnancy is not harmful for you or your baby as long as you are having an uncomplicated pregnancy.


Provided your pregnancy is going smoothly and you’re going well in advance of your due date (returning no later than 32-34 weeks depending on the airline’s rules) then you can still fly. 


However, what you will need is a ‘Fit’To’Fly’ letter or certificate, in order to prove your due date and overall pregnancy health to airlines.


Read more about flying in pregnancy.


If for some reason your pregnancy isn’t going smoothly, you’ll want to postpone or cancel it. This shouldn’t be a problem with a GP letter verifying the reason for cancelling, assuming you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers pregnancy.


How ZoomDoc can help: We offer a ‘Pregnancy ‘Fit’To’Fly’ Certificate that can be sent out to you same-day for £40. There’s no need to go to your usual GP and then have to return a few days later to collect it – and pay for it, as the NHS will charge for this service. 


We can also help provide a ‘Travel and Holiday Cancellation Certificate’ should you need one for insurance reasons.


I’ve got COVID and am too ill to travel – what should I do?


Even if your symptoms are not related to COVID-19, your risk of being denied boarding or being quarantined will increase.


COVID is still around and although not affecting people as gravely, thanks to vaccines, it can still make you feel very unwell. If you are feverish, bed-ridden and too ill to get on a flight, there’s not much you can do other than rest and get better – the same with any other illness that can strike at any time. Provided you have travel insurance in place already, you can put in a claim to get your money back and hopefully rebook.

How ZoomDoc can help: While you’re unwell, you can always contact us to speak to one of our GPs if you’re concerned about any symptoms you’re experiencing. And, as with any illness that prevents you from travelling, we can provide a ‘Travel and Holiday Cancellation Certificate’ for just £40 to make things quicker and easier with your insurance claim.

Want to know more?

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