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6 ways ZoomDoc can help your family

February 3, 2023
6 ways ZoomDoc can help your family
February 3, 2023

With the NHS under enormous pressure, it’s a worrying time to be unwell, especially for families. When sickness strikes or temperatures climb, all you want is for everyone to be well again, as quickly as possible.


That’s why knowing about what ZoomDoc can provide could be a huge help to you and your loved ones. From helping parents get same-day appointments with a doctor, to making it easier to get referrals to a specialist, here are six ways ZoomDoc can help your family.


  • Talk to a doctor, today

It’s not always easy to get an appointment with your NHS GP so if you’re struggling to book one, there is another easy way.

Simply download the ZoomDoc app and you can book a same-day video appointment with a GP from the comfort of your own home. It’s ideal if you’re concerned about a poor child or need a second opinion – appointments cost just £35.



Immediate 24/7 access to our top-quality GPs



‘Whether it’s advice for keeping down a temperature, or concerns over Strep A symptoms, being able to talk to a doctor the same day can be crucial,’ says Dr. Kenny.

‘Of course, if someone is severely unwell, always call 111 or 999 in an emergency,’ he adds.


  • Get a prescription, asap

If your child needs antibiotics, ZoomDoc can prescribe these during your child’s appointment at no extra cost.


‘Our doctors won’t prescribe to children under the age of two years old, nor will they prescribe antibiotics for anything viral. But if we’re confident it’s an ear, throat, or chest infection, for example, we will be able to privately prescribe the recommended antibiotics so they can start getting better, as soon as possible,’ says Dr. Kenny.



If you take medicine regularly you’ll usually have a repeat prescription.



Private prescriptions can be sent straight to your home or straight to your nearest pharmacy. Although there’s no charge for the prescription from ZoomDoc, you will have to pay for it at the pharmacy when you collect it. Only NHS prescriptions are free for those under 16s (or under 18s in full-time education).


  • See a specialist, sooner

If someone in your family needs to see a pediatrician, gastroenterologist, physio, or another specialist, privately, you’ll need a GP referral letter before seeing them. This can often hold things up because often we assume this needs to come from your NHS GP, but that isn’t actually the case, as Dr. Kenny explains:



No Appointment is Required. Referral to any Specialist.



‘Although referral letters are available from your NHS GP, you’ll still need to book an appointment to request one – and you’ll still need to pay for the service as even though it’s NHS, it isn’t free. ZoomDoc offers this exact service without having to take up your GP’s valuable time and you can get the letter the same day, meaning you can see the specialist with no hold-ups, saving you and your GP time!’


ZoomDoc’s referral letters cost just £35 and take a few minutes to organize. Your letter will be available within hours. 


Get your ‘GP Referral’ letter here.


  • Travel after chickenpox, without delay

If you have a holiday booked, a case of chickenpox could seriously scupper your travel plans, making it tricky to fly there or back, depending on when it breaks out.



Our Doctors can issue you with a Same Day Medical Letter confirming that you are Fit to Fly. No Appointment Required.



‘Airlines have strict rules about flying with chickenpox because it’s so contagious,’ says Dr. Kenny.

‘You won’t be allowed to fly until all the spots have crusted over and airlines could ask for proof from a doctor. If your child has had chickenpox and is fine to fly, ZoomDoc provides a ‘Chickenpox Recovery’ medical letter to show them. Whether you’re home or abroad, you can order the letter and get it the same day for just £40.’


Get your ‘Chickenpox Recovery’ letter here.


  • Sort a school sick note, on the same day

If an older child has been off school, college, or university sick, you may need to provide a doctor’s note as proof at some point. This is usually only required if they’ve missed an exam, been too unwell to complete coursework, or need to repeat the year due to illness.


Take the stress out of the situation by ordering ZoomDoc’s ‘University & College Sickness’ letter, online – no GP appointment is required.



Our GP Letter for University or College will also confirm if your condition or symptoms are ongoing or resolved.



‘Our doctors can issue you with a same-day medical letter confirming your reasons for absence or mitigating circumstances that may have impacted your studies. We will also confirm if the condition or symptoms are ongoing or resolved,’ says Dr. Kenny.


Get your child’s ‘University & College Sickness’ letter here.


  • Fly during pregnancy, with proof

If you’re expecting a baby, take the stress out of traveling by using ZoomDoc to provide you with a ‘Fit To Fly’ letter. You can fly up until week 36 of your pregnancy, week 32 if it’s twins, but always check with the airline you’re traveling with.


‘Airlines can ask to see proof that you can fly if you’re pregnant so get yourself a same-day medical letter around a week before you’re jetting off,’ says Dr. Kenny.



As long as you have no underlying health or pregnancy problems, most airlines will allow pregnant women to travel



As with all ZoomDoc medical letters, you can do it all online in a matter of minutes receiving it within hours for just £40.


Get your ‘Pregnancy Fit To Fly’ letter here. Plus, find out which other medical letters ZoomDoc can help with.


As well as helping your family, find out how ZoomDoc can help your business, too.

Want to know more?

Our team of Doctors are available via the ZoomDoc App for any medical questions or queries.