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Doctor’s notes, without the wait

October 31, 2022
Doctor’s notes, without the wait
October 31, 2022

How ZoomDoc is helping patients get official medical letters the same day … no delay!

We all know that GP appointments can be hard to come by but not all of us are aware of certain services you don’t need to get on the NHS.

Take medical notes, for instance. Yes, they’re available from your registered doctor’s practice, but you’ll need to book an appointment, explain what you need and then go back and collect it once it’s ready.

And, you’ll still need to pay for the service, which doesn’t come free on the NHS like a regular appointment would.

‘All that costs you time, money and probably some frustration in the process,’ says ZoomDoc CEO and GP, Dr Kenny Livingstone.

His team has revolutionised getting hold of non-NHS services like doctor’s notes, certificates and medical letters that often patients can’t afford to wait that long for – especially if it’s been requested by your employer or is for an insurance claim.

So, next time you need one of the following, don’t wait for your GP. There’s a speedier way to get hold of them, so spread the word …

Doctors Certificates & Medical Letters

Same Day GP referrals, medical Letters and certificates


1. GP referral letter

If you need to see a private specialist and don’t want a GP referral letter to hold things up, ZoomDoc can issue same-day letters so you can get checked out at a time that suits you – and hopefully get on the road to recovery without further delay.

2. Fit-to-fly letters

Whether you’re pregnant and need a letter confirming how many weeks you are and that you’re OK to fly, or you have a child who’s recovered from chickenpox and needs proof for the airline, these fit-to-fly letters are available the same day, without seeing your GP.

Find out more about chickenpox in kids here.

Fit to Fly Medical Letters

Need a medical fitness to fly letter?


3. Proof of allergies

Simply order this certificate and you’ll get it the same day, without needing to go to your GP.

ZoomDoc has now added an Allergy Certificate to its Medical Letters service. This is ideal for anyone jetting off this summer worried about a nut allergy, or any other allergy, especially while travelling or abroad. 

Simply order this certificate and you’ll get it the same day, without needing to go to your GP. Your own personal certificate will be signed and authorised by a GMC-registered UK doctor. As well as detailing the type of allergy and allergens that can cause a serious allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, it will also confirm any medications that you require to carry with you, in case of exposure.

4. Travel and holiday cancellation

If an illness or health condition means having to postpone or cancel your travel or holiday plans, ZoomDoc takes the hassle out of getting written confirmation for insurance purposes. Simply log on to get a same-day medical letter for a flight cancellation or any other travel-related items, for just £40.

Our doctors can also confirm if the condition, symptoms or issue that requires you to cancel your holiday or travel plans are ongoing or resolved.

Holiday Cancellation

Need to cancel your holiday?


5. Injury and accident confirmation

If you’ve been injured and need to provide proof for an insurance claim, take the stress out of it by requesting a same-day injury and accident confirmation letter via ZoomDoc. Our team of doctors will be able to review injuries sustained and write a medical letter confirming your condition.

Suffered an injury at work or on holiday and need a medical letter?


6. Work, university or college sickness

If you’ve been signed off sick with a long-term illness or condition meaning you were off work, or still are, ZoomDoc can make it super simple to provide an official letter for HR purposes.

Similarly, if your child’s been struck down with sickness or illness that has impacted their attendance or grades at uni or college, we can help provide a same-day letter for admin purposes. Your letter will also confirm if the illness is ongoing or resolved.

Work or University Sickness Letter

Need a sickness letter for University or Work?


7. Fit to work

Once you’re back on your feet, if your workplace requires confirmation that you’re well enough to be working again, we can supply you with a ‘fit to work’ letter.

Please note, this is not the same as an NHS Med3 Fit note, which is only available through your NHS GP. ‘Fit to work’ letters can only be provided for a workplace deemed as low risk. Letters can’t be supplied for industries including motorsports, driving and scaffolding.

Starting a new job or returning to work? Need a note to confirm you are healthy?


8. Travel with medication

Jetting off somewhere exotic with medication you can’t be without? Some countries and airlines will require proof that the medication is prescribed by a doctor and belongs to you. To avoid any issues, such as getting it confiscated abroad, let ZoomDoc provide you with a valid medical letter confirming your medication belongs to you.

Require to carry needles, syringes or medication on a plane?


9. Gym membership cancellation

If you need to cancel or suspend your gym membership due to illness or injury, ZoomDoc can issue a same-day letter confirming the problem and reason for needing to do this. The same can be done if you’ve been unable to attend an event or activity due to illness or injury and need to provide proof for insurance purposes.

Sustained an injury and can not use your gym membership?


10. Certificate of good health for visa applications

If you’re applying for a visa and require a certificate of good health (for IHR 2005), ZoomDoc can provide this fuss-free.

For just £49 you’ll get a same-day electronic certificate signed by FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office) registered UK doctors. The original ‘wet ink’ signed certificate will be posted next working day, too.

Visa Certificate of Good Health

Need a certificate of good health for a visa?


11. Proof of disability

Make it easy to show proof of your disability or condition affecting day-to-day life by purchasing a disability access letter online. ZoomDoc can provide a same-day letter confirming your disability and explaining the difficulties this causes.

Our letter can be helpful for disability access at airports, venues, stadiums and events although please do check with a venue prior to using your letter as some can have their own requirements for disability access.

Medical letter confirming a physical or mental health disability.


12. Covid-19 Recovery

If you’ve had COVID within the last six months and are fully recovered, ZoomDoc can issue you a same-day proof of recovery certificate for just £45. Handy if you’re off travelling! You’ll need to be symptom-free for three days before applying for it and can have had a positive COVID test between the last 10-180 days. You’ll need to submit your positive PCR or lateral flow test result as evidence and International, private or UK NHS test results will be accepted.

Had covid-19 and need a certificate of recovery?


What else do I need to know?

Most of our letters and certificates cost £35 apart from where otherwise stated. They are all printed on company headed paper, with the doctor’s full name and GMC registration number – and they contain a QR code, too.

Of course, you’ll need to provide evidence in order to receive your letter or certificate, too. Evidence consists of completing a questionnaire, uploading photo ID (passport or driving licence) and a short video, via your mobile phone, explaining the problem.

If, once you’ve uploaded your evidence, our doctors need any further information or have any concerns, they may give you a quick call.


What if doctors can’t provide what you need?

If for any reason doctors can’t provide what you need, you’ll get a full refund.


Can medical letters really help you?

ZoomDoc is consistently one of the the highest rated healthcare providers on TrustPilot. Here are just a few of the people we’ve helped recently …

Thousands of happy patients 😊


‘We used zoomDoc after my little boy had chicken pox and we were due to fly, the process was effortless and has our fit to fly certificate back in minutes. It was just the peace of mind we needed and after contacting my own doctor and being told it was a 28 day turn around for a fit to fly it lifted a weight knowing we could get one straight away. I would highly recommend and would use again if needed.’

Rebecca Thomas


‘I’m not going to lie, I was definitely sceptical. I got my letter in around 40 minutes and it was accepted perfectly by my university and was cheaper than a letter from my normal GP. I’d definitely recommend this service to anyone.’



‘Very quick and professional! Submitted and received sickness letter in the same day’

Adam Rizvi

So if you need a doctor’s note, letter or certificate, simply select the one you’re after here and it could be with you today!

Want to know more?

Our team of Doctors are available via the ZoomDoc App for any medical questions or queries.